Recreating the light

In a perfect world, I would paint outside and would only work in my studio when it was cold or rainy. Sadly, I do most of my painting in the studio early in the morning when most sane people are still sleeping. Since I use photo references extensively, I have to make sure I capture the light. When my photo reference doesn’t have enough information, I’m sometimes forced to recreate the scene.

Here’s a “shack” that I constructed out of a shoe box (thank you Zappos!). I played with the light to get the effect I wanted. Note my assistant, Scoot, in the background of the second shot.

You can see the finished painting below.

Dune shack study
Dune shack study
Dune shack study with assistant.
Dune shack study with my assistant.
Dune shack, Pastel, 16 x 12
Dune shack, Pastel, 20 x 16